CrimethInc.: Dear Occupiers: A letter from Anarchists   Leave a comment

(From CrimethInc.)

Starting with the occupation of a park next to Wall Street on September 17, a new movement is spreading across the countryin which people gather in public spaces in protest against social inequalities. We’ll present a full analysis of this phenomenon here shortly; in the meantime, here’s an open letter to the occupation movement, engaging with some of the issues that have arisen thus far. Please forward this widely and print out versions to distribute at the “Occupy” events!

Dear Occupiers [online viewing version]

Dear Occupiers [print version]: A two-sided flier intended to be folded down the middle, longways.

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RAC: To all our families and companer@s in the struggle   Leave a comment

(From Revolutionary Autonomous Communities)

To all our families and companer@s in the struggle


I share my words with all companer@s and anyone who will have them.

The last couple of weeks have presented many opportunities for people to mobilize in response to the economic hardships we suffer everyday. Many across the country have taken to the streets and participated in the Occupy Wallstreet marches and occupations now happening nation- and even world-wide..

Here in Los Angeles a very large occupation on Tongva land continues unacknowledged.
Here in Los Angeles an occupation within an Occupation has started calling itself Occupy LA.

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Colectivo Paracaidistas: Carta abiera re: OccupyLA   1 comment

(in English)

Carta abierta
Re: OccupyLA—solidaridad, críticas, reinvenciones

Las personas fuertes no necesitan líderes fuertes.

Ella Baker

cual tantas cicatrices
como esto después del robo lo ‘desconocido’
viene ‘lo que una vez fue’ a formar sueños separados después de red de salvación peso se hunde finge que todo es inventado necesito decir finge que para todo nombre ellos nos lo han dado existe un gesto contrario para que nos colguemos [nosotros] caminamos dejando rastros tras la luz para ver
‘tras la luz’

Craig Santos Perez

Les escribimos desde la Ocupación del Ayuntamiento de Los Ángeles. Primero y principal, en un mar torrencial y tempestuoso de resistencia, nos entusiasma y nos inspira que la gente en todo el país (y en todo el mundo) se esté reuniendo de manera abierta y flexible para ocupar los espacios públicos, para repensar lo posible. Es profundamente significativo que este proceso sin objetivos definidos haya dado inicio a un grupo de participantes radicalmente diversos—incluyendo a artistas como nosotr@s mism@s, que durante la semana pasada hemos participado en la ocupación desde las calles alrededor del Ayuntamiento, desde nuestras casas, en nuestros talleres y en nuestras salas de clase. Esto es de particular importancia en Los Ángeles—una ciudad diversa al máximo—donde el espacio público está sujeto a amenazas constantes de anulación y mercantilismo.

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Paracaidistas Collective: Open Letter Re: OccupyLA   1 comment

(en Español)

Open Letter
Re: OccupyLA—Solidarity, Critiques, Reinventions

Strong people don’t need strong leaders.

Ella Baker

as many scars
as this after theft the ‘unknown’
becomes ‘the once was’ to form separate dreams after salvage net weights sink
pretend it’s all make-believe i need to say pretend that for every name they’ve given us there’s a counter gesture for us to cling to [we] walk leaving traces after light to see
‘after light’

Craig Santos Perez

We write to you from the Occupation of City Hall in Los Angeles. First and foremost, in a torrential and tempestuous sea of struggle, we are excited and inspired that people all over the country (and all over the world) are gathering in loose-knit ways to occupy public spaces, to re-think what is possible. It is profoundly significant that this open-ended process has initiated a radically diverse group of participants—including artists like ourselves, who have spent the past week participating in the occupation from the streets around City Hall, from our homes, in our studios and in our classrooms. This is particularly important in Los Angeles—a city that is nothing if not diverse—where public space is under constant threat of erasure and commodification.

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Underground Action LA Statements on Occupy LA   1 comment

It is easy for movement veterans to look down on youngsters and those new to the movement.  It is hard to look down on Underground Action LA, based in South LA/Watts, who came to Day 1 of the City Hall occupation to distribute the following critique, which was influential in writing our initial blog post.  Since then they have also done work (see below the first statement) to out a problematic individual who is at best potentially dangerous, and at worst working with law enforcement to entrap protesters.  Outside of Occupy LA, they are doing a lot of great work organizing their community.  Please check them out and support them however you can!

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Demanding Liberation (Or, There’s No Permit for Revolution)   1 comment

The time has come for us to make a statement and issue our demands. In response to this injunction we say: we will ask nothing. We will demand nothing. We will take, we will occupy. We have to learn not to tip toe through a space which ought by right to belong to everyone… We are determined that the struggle should spread. That is the condition in which the realization of our demands becomes possible.

     — “Communique From the UCLA Occupation” (November 19, 2009)

We must begin by preventing the university from functioning. We must interrupt the normal flow of bodies and things and bring work and class to a halt. We will blockade, occupy, and take what’s ours. Rather than viewing such disruptions as obstacles to dialogue and mutual understanding, we see them as what we have to say, as how we are to be understood. This is the only meaningful position to take when crises lay bare the opposing interests at the foundation of society. Calls for unity are fundamentally empty. There is no common ground between those who uphold the status quo and those who seek to destroy it.

     — “Communique From an Absent Future” (September, 2009)

There are many critiques that can be leveled at Occupy LA and generally the entire Occupy Wall Street movement, but one possibly trumps all the others: the failure, if not refusal, to learn from past movements and apply their lessons to the encampment.

Two years ago, students across the University of California and California State University systems began a campaign of building occupations and other militant actions in response to massive budget cuts and mismanagement of funds by their administrators.  Five of the ten UC campuses saw buildings locked down or barricaded, as did several CSU campuses.  Out of this movement came a plethora of blogs and pamphlets advocating, supporting, and teaching occupations.

What was immediately obvious to the students occupying buildings is two-fold: First, occupation stagnates if it is not constantly expanding and escalating.  Second, demands do nothing to achieve victory and in fact are counterproductive.

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Occupy Boston Statement on Diversity of Tactics   Leave a comment

From Occupy Boston:

Tonight the Direct Action group, in charge of planning marches and other protest actions, presented the following “Statement of Diversity of Tactics” as a proposal to the General Assembly (GA). The following statement was passed to ensure the autonomy of working groups and the cohesion of the entire community.

Our solidarity will be based on respect for diversity of tactics and plans of other groups. As individuals and groups we are committed to treating each other as allies in the struggle.

The actions and tactics used will be organized to maintain a separation of time or space to protect the autonomy and safety of the movement.

We realize that our detractors will work to divide us by inflaming and magnifying our tactical, strategic, personal and political disagreements. Therefore, any debates or criticisms must stay inside the movement to avoid any public or media denunciations of fellow activists or events.

We oppose any state repression of dissent, including surveillance, infiltration, disruption and violence. We agree not to assist law enforcement actions against activists and others.

The above statement fully agrees with the Occupy Boston Internal Solidarity Statement, opposing all forms of oppression.

In Solidarity,

The undersigned

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