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Bring the Ruckus: “Whiteness and the 99%”   Leave a comment

Whiteness and the 99%
By Joel Olson

Left colorblindness is the belief that race is a “divisive” issue among the 99%, so we should instead focus on problems that “everyone” shares. According to this argument, the movement is for everyone, and people of color should join it rather than attack it.

Left colorblindness claims to be inclusive, but it is actually just another way to keep whites’ interests at the forefront. It tells people of color to join “our” struggle (who makes up this “our,” anyway?) but warns them not to bring their “special” concerns into it. It enables white people to decide which issues are for the 99% and which ones are “too narrow.” It’s another way for whites to expect and insist on favored treatment, even in a democratic movement.

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Indy Media On the Air: The Roots of the Occupy Movement   Leave a comment

Today (Monday, October 24), Indy Media On the Air, a show on LA’s progressive radio station KPFK, hosted organizers involved with DeColonize LA and the occupations in Oakland, Boston, and Miami.  The participants spoke about the roots of the Occupy movement in past global movements against neoliberalism and capitalism — the Zapatista and APPO uprisings in Mexico in 1994 and 2006, the Argentinian “que se vayan todos” movement of 2001, and the Global Justice movement which culminated in the Seattle WTO protests in 1999 — and their experiences and concerns in regards to the occupations continuing in their own cities.

The limitations of the show, mainly time, prevented organizers from other cities from participating, but we hope that future shows will be able to include them.  Anti-authoritarians interested in participating in future shows discussing and analyzing the experiences of the Occupy movement should contact

Indy Media On the Air 102411 Part 1

Indy Media On the Air 102411 Part 2

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New from AK Press — Anarchy & Occupy #1: Occupy the System!   Leave a comment

(From AK Press Tactical Media)

Anarchy & Occupy #1: Occupy the System!

In hundreds of cities people are finding their voice. And we are all listening. Has the inequality gap just become too intolerable—especially to those 99% who see only a future of mindless toil and crippling debt? Is the democratic system as we know it “broken”? Is it time to repeal corporate personhood as codified into law? Are taxing the rich and dismantling portions of the financial services sector enough to help restore dignity in our lives? Or do we want the works…?

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Anarchy & Occupy #1 [online viewing version]

Anarchy & Occupy #1 [print version]: A two-sided flier intended to be folded down the middle, longways.

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Comunicado de Descolonizar LA!   1 comment

(in English)

El 1˚ de octubre, cientos de personas de todo Los Ángeles respondieron a la llamada lanzada por Ocupar Wall Street de reclamar espacios públicos para reunirse y decidir juntos qué hacer para construir una economía que integre las necesidades del pueblo en vez del capital. Según avanzaba el día, un grupo de personas con relaciones anteriores de trabajo como organizador@s de diversas comunidades en Los Ángeles y sus aliad@s se reunieron para compartir colectivamente pensamientos e ideas acerca de lo que estaban presenciando y participando. Nuestra primera impresión fue que la “ocupación” parecía un carnaval y que estaba desorganizada. Sin embargo, de lo que eventualmente nos dimos cuenta fue de que la “ocupación,” de hecho, estaba muy bien organizada, pero con objetivos que no habíamos previsto. Agazapad@s bajo la bandera de “sin liderazgo,” había un pequeño círculo de organizador@s desconocedor@s de y sin pedir disculpas por sus propios privilegios, y con una intención fiera de mantener su dominio sobre el poder y la posesión sobre Ocuppy LA. Read the rest of this entry »

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Call for submissions   Leave a comment

We’ll publish critiques of the Occupy movement, so long as they’re focused on Southern California and provide an anti-authoritarian perspective on the movement.  Submissions should also relate to race, class, gender, or other oppressions, or tactical questions.

Submissions can be pasted in the comments section here, or emailed to UnpermittedLA [at]

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Occupying LaLa Land   1 comment

–where the illusion meets the road

Reposted from LA Indymedia.

By Federica Lorca (

What happens when a bunch of mostly white 20-somethings and a union dude hook up in movietown to get solid with a New York protest? You get OccupyLA.This is an occupation by permission. Really. A couple hundred people camped out on the lawn of Los Angeles’s City Hall after they got the permission of the Los Angeles police. It took the union dude about 24 hours to do it. In the better areas of LA, this counts as occupying something. In the rest of town, you actually have to claim some space in the name of the people and defy LAPD. But not for us. This is a LaLa Land occupation: an illusion wrapped up in a metaphor. A light image where something material and real is supposed to be.

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Statement from DeColonize LA   29 comments

(en Español)

On October first, hundreds of people from around Los Angeles answered the call from Occupy Wall Street to start claiming public spaces to meet and decide together what to do to build an economy that meets the needs of the people in the place of capitalism. As the day progressed, a group of people with previous working relationships as organizers in various communities in Los Angeles and trusted allies gathered to collectively share thoughts and ideas about what we were witnessing and taking part in. Our first impression was that the “occupation” resembled a carnival and that it was was disorganized. What we eventually realized, however, was that the “occupation” was, in fact, very carefully organized, but for objectives we did not anticipate. Crouched under the banner of “leaderlessness” was a small circle of organizers unaware of and unapologetic for their own privileges, and fiercely intent on maintaining their grasp on power and ownership over Occupy LA.

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