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(From AK Press Tactical Media)

Anarchy & Occupy #1: Occupy the System!

In hundreds of cities people are finding their voice. And we are all listening. Has the inequality gap just become too intolerable—especially to those 99% who see only a future of mindless toil and crippling debt? Is the democratic system as we know it “broken”? Is it time to repeal corporate personhood as codified into law? Are taxing the rich and dismantling portions of the financial services sector enough to help restore dignity in our lives? Or do we want the works…?

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Anarchy & Occupy #1 [online viewing version]

Anarchy & Occupy #1 [print version]: A two-sided flier intended to be folded down the middle, longways.

Table of Contents:

Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank — Don’t Protest, Resist: Occupy the System

Team Colors Collective — Lions After Slumber: Reflections on a Still-Emerging Struggle

Eric Laursen — Keeping the System Off Balance: Lessons for Occupy Wall Street from the Mass Movements of the Depression Era

Deric Shannon — What Do We Mean By “Works”? Anarchist Economics and the Occupy X Movement



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