Indy Media On the Air: The Roots of the Occupy Movement   Leave a comment

Today (Monday, October 24), Indy Media On the Air, a show on LA’s progressive radio station KPFK, hosted organizers involved with DeColonize LA and the occupations in Oakland, Boston, and Miami.  The participants spoke about the roots of the Occupy movement in past global movements against neoliberalism and capitalism — the Zapatista and APPO uprisings in Mexico in 1994 and 2006, the Argentinian “que se vayan todos” movement of 2001, and the Global Justice movement which culminated in the Seattle WTO protests in 1999 — and their experiences and concerns in regards to the occupations continuing in their own cities.

The limitations of the show, mainly time, prevented organizers from other cities from participating, but we hope that future shows will be able to include them.  Anti-authoritarians interested in participating in future shows discussing and analyzing the experiences of the Occupy movement should contact

Indy Media On the Air 102411 Part 1

Indy Media On the Air 102411 Part 2


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