Arrests around SoCal, but Occupy LA continues to deny role of police in society   Leave a comment

8 Arrested in Santa Barbara for camping without a permit. (more)

9 Arrested in Pasadena protesting a home foreclosure.

10 Arrested at Bank of America trying to cash a $673 billion check made out to “The People of California”.


However, as LA Weekly notes, Occupy LA maintains a “kumbayatic relationship with LAPD.”  There were rumors spread by leaders throughout the afternoon that members of the Committee to End Police Brutality had instigated violent confrontations with the police today at the BoA protest and resulted in arrests besides the ones inside the bank.  This is patently untrue and disgusting that such divisive lies would be spread to further attack participants in the occupation and destroy the relationship that has been built with ReFund California.  Even LAPD said the protesters were “very peaceful, very cooperative.”  This seems to clash with Occupy LA’s position that even getting arrested for civil disobedience is a violent action.



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