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Since the initial post was made yesterday, we’ve received lots of hits and lots of comments, but more importantly we’ve begun to see changes. These changes aren’t all a result of this blog; more so they are a result of agitation and conversations on the ground at Occupy LA.

Most importantly, the Monday night GA went much, much better. That isn’t to say there weren’t hiccups, but process was adhered to and many more voices were heard. It represents a step in the right direction, as we all learn how to use this process and move forward as a movement.

Second, I have been informed that wheelchair-accessible restrooms will be available within the next few days, perhaps as early as tomorrow (or sooner). This is great! Again, it is a step in the right direction, as we incorporate questions of accessibility (not only physical but cultural etc.) into our thinking and infrastructures.

These are just the major changes. Through honest self-critique and sometimes passionate debate we can correct the things that are holding us back as a movement, and move forward, together and much stronger. The main point of division at the point seems to be over our relationship with the police; this is only natural, and the shape of these discussions will necessarily change as we interact more and more with the LAPD.


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